Be who you are! by speaking English! I am Rika Sensei!

It has been an eventful few months...

With the virus pandemic going around, we all needed to shift our normal to new normal...

I started to teach English for Japanese people.. instead of teaching yoga and in addition to designing fashions... Surprisingly I enjoy it so much because language is also a mean of self expression ... and I also have passion for learning languages!

So far most of my clients are kids! I am amazed how kids learn so quickly and how parents' love is so deep for their kids... I am happy to be a part of their life journey. 

I teach online for now, so everyone stay home! but you can still enjoy my fashion designs and English lessons!! ; )


mmm, I also tutor Japanese for non Japanese speakers.


My concept in teaching is BE WHO YOU ARE! 

My online English class!  is called AmeRika Eigo! yeah!! Check it out ;)