Happy New Moon! A Happy New Model! Happy B•hū•UR Ambassadors!!!

Mindfullness Moon Namaste New York Yoga

This is the last new moon for 2018...  I am setting my intention to believe in myself even more and move forward to spread my B•hū•UR message for the next full moon and year!!

Opening my online store BhuUR.com in August 2018, miraculously, I made a few sales ... I so appreciate your support... Thank you so much!!

I was so happy to receive this picture from this beautiful customer (J.J) on her beautiful vacation!! She is wearing one of B•hū•UR's tops, "I 💖 2cu Happy" french terry top! Awww ... She looks SO CUTE!!

I loved this photo so much, first with her permission I put it on my instagram @rikarikastudio, and on facebook... I got good responses on the posts... So I asked her if I can use the pictures for my website...   

She said YES! and VOILAVOILA! the first B•hū•UR fashion ambassador was born!  

B•hū•UR Ambassador!! yes yes that's it!!  I felt I could connect with the world with my message (Be Who You Are!) more with her example! She made it easier for this top to connect with others!! She is an ambassador!!

I would love to see you happy!! Please send me your pictures wearing B•hū•UR designs and be inspired to inspire others to be who they are!!

Yes! Just B•hū•UR !!

Be the next B•hū•UR model and ambassador !!

Thank you for spreading the love and the message... xoxo

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