Welcome Fall! A Long sleeve Namastee is in the store!

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Wow! Time flies! and it is already October and another new moon...(yesterday)...

It is a good time to set and renew our intentions for this cycle... It may sound silly but it helps me to keep myself being guided. 

Around the last full moon, I got a new offer to teach a weekly class at a yoga studio... I setted an intention to teach more yoga classes on that cycle... and voila, it fulfilled... Now it is time to set a new intention... what could it be...?

Teaching yoga in NYC is really interesting... Sometimes I am mesmerized by the contrast of the super busy life styles of New Yorkers and the super dedicated yoga practice of theirs... and we have so many great yogis in this urban environment...

I really enjoy both sides of life, New York and Yoga... and that inspired me to create this new "Namaste collection... "


It was a therapeutic design approach coming from my fun spirit and I enjoyed building the collection... I was already so satisfied to just see the products in my online store... but awww I am so thankful that some people actually bought the items!! This makes me feel I am connected to them. 


So have you had a chance to look at my "Namaste collection" ?It is now available in my store...

In the collection, I have a new favorite tee called "Namastee" lol.

It is a Tee shirt saying Namastee on the chest and why it says so... teehee. I wanted to make this design when I needed to run from a yoga class in Brooklyn I had just taught and needed to run to teach another yoga class in Queens... My hands were busy getting the paperworks, my mat, my bags, my water, and then as I was leaving I was saying good byes and namastes to the clients... just without the hand gesture... omg isn't that important? Oh well... what can I do? I am a busy urban yogi... lol. but I do care!! A LOT!! so the Namastee was born.

Let's see if this tee shirt will bring me more peace for the next class... lol

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As always B•hū•UR!

Until next blog! Namaste(e) <3

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